I have been building with Legos a lot. I want to share with others who look at my blog.

This is a Lego space ship. The driver is right under the two bullets.

This is one of my guys. I have him by the fuel. If the ship runs out of fuel, he can fill up the ship again.

The two men on the back wings are the bomb pushers. When an enemy tries to get them on one of the sides, they will push the bombs off.

This is what it looks like from the top.

This is the bottom frame.

This is another gas filler.

This is my lapbook about Rodents.

I am learning about their habitats 3 different kinds of rodents.

The check marks mean that I've learned about them.
I have learned that beavers will build their lodges close to ground and water.
Beavers will have an outer thick orange coating on two front teeth.

I have learned that flying squirrels can fly 30ft from branch to branch.
The also pick their spot to land before they jump.

I have learned that prairie dogs are a kind of rodent.
They eat grass and live in family groups.

These are what rodent teeth can look like.


With my Legos I built a new base for my Lego guys. And here are the pictures that I took of the super heroes, police, two men and villians.


This is a picture of how you can make your own little paper town. Just get some crayons and draw what you want to put in.


This is my lego baseball game. There are the bluejays and the cardinals. The first time the cardinals got to go out into the field, both teams had one point. In the next one, when the bluejays got to go out into the field, the bluejays had 3 points. And the cardinals had 2 points.

This is a beetle picture. We found a beetle that had legs like paddles.

He was crawling in the grass.

He felt like he was a little bumpy. He doesn't fly, but he can swim and walk. We got a lid full of water and put him in it. He wanted to get out, but he did swim.

I took this picture of Lydia.

I took this picture of Evalyn.

This is a picture that I took of my sisters.

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