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What is it?

Dallas's choose your own adventure site is a website that starts with just one story,
but then branches into many story lines. You get to choose where the story leads next.

The unique thing about this site is that you can also register, and add your own stories to the storyline.


  • Each choice is reviewed by readers and rated on a 100 point scale.
  • If you want to come back to a spot, you can always bookmark it in your browser.
  • If you don't like your choice, you can always use the back button to backtrack.
  • If You are using a guide, your choice will be in bold, and blink.
  • If the text is too small or too big, you can use Ctrl Shift + to zoom in, and Ctrl - to zoom out.
  • If you are having trouble following the long lines, either zoom in, or shrink your window.
  • If you write a story, you can use a guide to help people follow the story that you wrote!
  • You can always go back and edit your own stories.
  • HTML is permitted, but no links or images.
  • This site will work on your phone or tablet.

History and Background

One day at work, we were on break, and we found an Indiana Jones choose your own adventure book.

So I started reading it to the group, in the end, we got really into it, with voices, and a llama, and everything.

That sparked an idea about how we as a group could work together to write a choose your own adventure book.

Well, it never came together, but several years later, I was able to get a group together to write one with a group.

Would start writing as a group, and everytime there was a choice, the group would split in half, and keep writing.

We each wrote two endings, and so we ended up with 20 endings. You can read it here.

It was really fun, so I decided make a website with the same concept so that we could continue on a worldwide scale.

I lost the game.