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A little girl who really likes her dad. One morning she just had to be close and then watch as he left for work.


"Sometimes it hard to have your mom here," he said after I had scolded him for wiping his hands on the wall. Oh little boy if you knew just how hard it was sometimes to be your mom. That may of been your thought when I took this picture a year ago, but you lacked the words to tell me. And I right now lack the words to express my feelings toward you. Just know deep down, I love you and I am eager for the day we both have the words we need. So for now, one day and one word at a time and we'll eventually get there.

Stewardship Thoughts I don't want to lose...
How we live matters. It matters to God. It matters to our neighbor. It matters to our family. It should matter to us. In his book, Faith as a Way of Life, Christian Scharen writes, 'Christian faith is a gift of God that entails dying to one way of life and rising to another lived not for ourselves, but for God.' Thus, we leave our selfish self-life for for a life lived for God and others. His gift and how we use it; it's what matters!
King Solomon wrote, "Whoever trusts in his riches will fall . . ." (Proverbs 11:28). Satan wants us to trust in our money and believe that we need to keep and hoard it. Money is possibly Satan's most effective tool, and he loves to use it against us. He knows the powerful influence that money can have on our lives. Satan wants to deceive us into believing that money gives us lasting happiness and security. He wants us to place our trust in money and the things money can buy, rather than in God. When we face temptation, we need to remember that we belong to God, not to Satan. Satan gives us nothing. Because of God's presence in our lives, we are given the strength to overcome Satan's lies and deception. God has shown His tremendous love for us by having sent His Son as a sacrifice for our sins. He promises never to leave us, and He empowers us to follow His ways rather than the ways of Satan.


Just can't seem to shake it. Back on drugs and hoping this time I will be healed and done with this nonsense. So grateful for the break I am getting. E & L are with the ND grandparents and loving it! And so am I. So quiet, so still. I still have Evalyn to keep me in some routine so I'm not completely messed up when they return. :) So back to resting up and doing whatever.


6pm- asleep in the swing. A first. No nap. She was so cute and good natured that whole afternoon. I tried laying down with her. She would turn her head and "shush" me, grin & giggle. It was precious. So downstairs we went and this is where she ended up. And when she woke up at 11:15pm, it didn't bother me. I knew it was coming. I had moved her upstairs to her bed so she could sleep. I would rather have a happy girl than a crabby one. So when she awoke, we rocked and I sang. We could do it for an extra long time since everyone else was asleep. Then I brought her a little snack to make up for a missed supper. She gobble it up. I was tired. I put my head down in my hands while I waited for her to finish. She would rock into me and giggle. A quiet bath. Two whole books to herself. More rocking and singing. And back to bed once again. It was a special night of just being together.


oh my how time flies! how fast you change! how much you have grown! 3 months today! currently wearing size 3-6month clothing, cooing, gurgling, smiling. you found your fingers the other night. it was fun watching you go cross-eyed. you continue to surprise me by sleeping through the night off and on. sorry you got that nasty head cold. your siblings do like to share EVERYTHING.

you seem to like all the attention they give you. along with all the toys they stuff beside you or force you to hold. you are my little bobble head, though that is quickly disappearing too. eager to see more of your personality emerge and how you will fit in with your siblings. in the meantime, i'll do my best to treasure this stage.


Can't claim the genius of this little cookie. Found the idea on Pinterest. You can check out the original recipe here.
The original recipe goes like this: 2 large bananas + 1 c. quick oats. And then she said to add in whatever- chocolate chips, walnuts, etc. I've added stuff like coconut, peanut butter, Bob's Mill 8 grain cereal, regular oats, homemade chocolate chips, rice flour. The size of the bananas determines how many cookies you'll get. They are not a regular cookie, but they do the trick. The kids like them, and I don't feel bad about giving them to them. They have worked great as breakfast and snacks. And they are so quick to throw together. And I can lick the spoon. :)


Phew. That was a rough couple of weeks. Not completely out of the woods just yet, but definitely on the mend. It's my goal to get back here to share more tidbits of our days. I gave up Facebook and Pinterest for Lent. It's day 3 of that and my days are going so much better because of it- and well I am feeling better too. So it all helps.

I'll end with the "pearls" for the day:

REAL: Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. Psalm 100:4
CULTURED: We would worry less if we praised more. And ... thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction. Henry A. Ironside


We've been a bit sick around here... so until I get myself better and the household under control... it will be a little quiet here.


... last year around this time -the closet looked like this...

and now it looks like this...

just big enough for our big boy. his own special place.

sometime this past summer it became apparent that we needed to separate E and L so they could get some better sleep. and so we could too. i wasn't too sure about it, but once I saw his enthusiasm, my doubts subsided. it was so small... and i've grown up within a culture of big is better. more is better. i know that is not true, especially after my travels around the world and now living in this small house. but it is still hard to let go of sometimes.

granted this room won't always fit him, but for now it is just right.

*for the record, there was a toddler bed frame in his room. however, he started sleeping on the floor. i would find him in the morning with his pillows and blankets on the floor space between his bed and the wall. i fought him on it for a while, but it quickly became apparent I wasn't going to win this one. nor need i. it wasn't doing any harm. so instead of not using his bed, i took down the frame and left the mattress. and the sleeping bag is to help keep his covers on in the cold winter nights. :)

a year ago today...

... my bulbs were confused by the unusually warm weather.

Not this year. :)

January 2013

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