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The garage...

So I can't help myself. I so want these buildings painted and done, done, done. So I started in on the garage the other day. The paint is flaking off so badly.
And I went for barn red. Just wanted to see what it looks like. So different. So bold. And I do like it... but then D said he would have gone for a more natural color like brown or green. And oh man, I had never thought of brown before... and I really like that idea. So now I'm stuck. What to do... what to do. Brown or red?


Apple season...

Some like apples...

and others really like the little crab apples...

Big and small...

Painting update...

D's parents returned from Africa and called us to say they were coming back to paint! They are great... and so with winds gusting to 42mph and temps hovering around 60's that first day... they painted and scraped our dear house once again... and D did too- while majorly sleep deprived I must add. He's a trooper. And now it is done!!!!! And I can paint the doors!!

And so with a little photo editing... here are my two door color choices I'm wavering between:
Teal Lake

Red Delicious

In the end... I'll probably play it safe and go with the red... and then maybe paint the garage red? I started scraping that and there is red paint under there. Could be fun! :)


So apparently I missed quite the excitement yesterday...

D said, "I'm sure glad we have a fence."

A quick project...

So as the delivery day approaches with #3, I've been getting little things done here and there. Miss Lydia is getting bigger and outgrowing her hoodie towel. And that one #3 will soon be needing. So I sat down a made a new one for Lydia. These towels are great and as I found quite easy to make.
What you'll need:
-A regular towel
-a coordinating handtowel
... I guess a sewing machine would be nice too... though not necessary...

I cut the hand towel in half.

pinned it to the middle of the towel and sewed it on.

folded the hand towel in half and stitched across the top a couple of times.

and placed on child... who liked it a lot.

so that is a very simplified explanation. you can probably google it and find a more detailed version somewhere else.

And now if I could only get her to like the little red riding hood that I made. sigh. it's sooo cute! oh well.

Miss Lydia...

Oh she is growing up! I meant to write about her back in June when she was starting to show signs of walking... here is what I wrote back on 6/30 -
"taking steps, affectionate in a giving way... hugs and cuddles... smiles... like i said previously communicating more and more... learning to play with E... they played catch together... for about 10minutes... which is huge!! starting to test boundaries"

Well now she IS walking. And she's attempting to run! She's a climber as I've mentioned before. Which has led to her fair share of bumps and bruises... but she is learning!

She is weaned!! (enter hallelujah chorus) Still not sure how it all came about. I've been feeling the pressure to wean her since I only have 2 months left until #3 is here!! (ah) So last week it happened. I think having D around helped big time. It broke us out of our normal pattern and she realized she didn't need it- especially right before bed. This was a much easier wean than E. And we can even rock and cuddle at bed time and it's not an issue.

Likes being outside sooooo much. As soon as that door opens, she goes right out! Sandbox, swing, playing ball, eating crab apples, chalk, riding on the tricycle while being pulled around, picking strawberries when mom is or isn't looking, picking green tomatoes- there is so much to do out there!

She's starting to "help" me. She's helped set the table, prepare supper- aka getting things from the fridge with me and carrying them over to the counter, will close the cupboard doors and drawers. She really seems to want to be helpful. She'll help her brother pick up his puzzles and messes too.

Starting to try to put things on herself... shoes, necklaces, hats, extra large shirts, blankets... whatever she can keep or put on- she'll try it.

And she is still my cuddle bug and gives such nice hugs.
So fun to watch her grow up. I have to really stop and take notice though, cause it's so easy to get caught up with all of E's new stuff. It's easy to overlook her "new" stuff cause I have seen it before in E... though not all and not all in the same way. Anywho... that's what's new with Miss Lydia to share with you!


Reading is something we do a lot of right now. Right away in the morning when they wake up, we snuggle on the couch and read books. In the afternoon, we'll read. And at bed time, that has been the norm for E ever since he was a baby. And I am so thrilled the L is really starting to enjoy being read to as well. Often during the day she'll find a book and toddle over and say, "Reah?"
And our book collection has exploded over the past year. We've been hitting the thrift stores hard, and finding all sorts of treasures. And I've found a few other books online as well and purchased them.
Some of our favorite finds...

Dinosaur Roar! - a thrift store find! You have to get into it as the reader... "roar!" when you read the word roar... "squeak!" as you say squeak. L especially likes this book and will listen to it over and over and over again in the same sitting... and laugh out loud at mom and dad's silly voices and antics.

Junior Books - or at least that is what we call them. They are from Dave Ramsey a financial advisor who has all sorts of great resources on managing your money- or as he says in the kids books "learning to take care of your money, so your money will take care of you!" - see I'm even learning things. E really, REALLY likes these books. I bought a whole set when it was 50% off this summer. It came with audio CDs and a starter kit for helping kids learn how to manage money.

Wheels on the Bus - Raffi - I really like the illustrations and the kids like the actions and song. It's a classic. L requests this one all the time.

Alphabatics - I would say this is the first book E could "read" all by himself.

Toes, Ears & Nose flap book - cute and a great way to learn body parts. However it's not all that durable and I've had to tape several flaps back on... and in the end reinforced each flap with tape.

The Spiffiest Giant in Town - so this has been one of my favorites. I figured out a tune that works well for the song George sings to himself. As a baby, E would wiggle as I sang the song.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - So I've heard that this a movie now - but the books are always so much better! The illustrations in this book are awesome! And the concept- food falling from the sky- so fun as well.

Oh, Bother! Someone's Messy - A thrift store find. There are several other "Oh, Bother!" titles... we found 6 of them. Junior books were the trend for several months. Now these are. :)

That's not my train... - I can tell which books are liked around here... there are the ones that need a lot of tape. :) This is one of them. Fun textures and colors. Both kids have liked this one a lot too.

Ok, phew so that is a lot of books. There are more, but that's probably enough for now. What are some of your favorite books or your kid's favorites?


There was some creative playtime... (he discovered car ramps on Sunday while playing at a friends house... and I found some on clearance at Walmart yesterday... as long as L doesn't come along he's content to play for a long time)

... some building and construction to make the ramp for more fun play time! (E likes to be put up in the tree, so instead of waiting for Dad to lift him up, a ramp was made. And it's even more perfect, cause L can't get up there, so I don't have to worry about her!)

... much needed patching of the roof... (so glad he is able to do these things! it was impressive to watch him get up there and down!)

scraping and a storm door removed... (i'm so going to paint my doors, however I told myself I can't until the house is painted. a little incentive to get that job done! and thoughts on color?? I'm leaning teal blue or cranberry reddish.)

... some late night puzzle assembling. (a late nap = up late... but thankfully we discovered puzzles!! he really, REALLY likes puzzles! and now that we've worked on them together for a couple of weeks he can do them all by himself!! and thrift stores have been awesome places to find puzzles. this one came in a baggy and was a set of 4 wooden construction equipment puzzles. We've found an I Spy block puzzle and a 2 sided fire truck puzzle as well. )

I like this picture so much... admiring his work. :)

And because I'm on a roll tonight, the after and in progress pictures of painting the house.

This side is done! woo-hoo!

not done! :( but getting closer each day i go out and scrape! and besides removing the screen door we are removing parts of the porch too, which you can see in the above photo.

this picture really gives you a good idea of the before and after. so much better!!

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