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the boy...

who is riding his bike... it brings me joy to see his little legs pedaling... and his meandering (though we are teaching him to stay close to the grass)... he no longer asks for help when he is stuck thanks to his daddy working with him. One morning he and his dad spent 2 hrs riding their bikes.

and his creation... "the game"... one night I came down after putting L to bed and he invited me to play a game with him. it has since morphed... but it was so fun to have him take the initiative and come up with this on his own. it's complicated yet not... but you'll have to come to our house if you want to play. :)

and I got a little crafty for him the other day... (hot glue guns are amazing!!)

and made him his own laptop. it was funny cause I found myself saying later, "No, you need to put your computer away and come to lunch now." and an interesting note- the screen is a touch screen. He's gotten to play with an IPad and some IPhones... so his is a touch screen too. He plays games and checks his email. :)

the garden...

I could spend so much time in here. I like the relative quiet, the dirt, the potential, the time to think and be mostly alone (kids are always somewhere nearby). New ideas pop into my head all the time. I like pulling weeds and tending to the soil. Digging rocks up and finding a new home for them. Each year in this space has been so different. Here's a peek at what's growing in it this year.

Eek! Here they come! Still have no real clue as to what I'm doing with these plants. Finally got them all caged- almost lost one due to the wind.

No carrots yet... they were the last thing to be planted by seed, so it's going to be a while. I have to hold myself back from weeding too much around here otherwise I'll upset the seed.

Planted onions both starters and from seed.

I am enjoying this a lot. Though the boys are fans of icebergs- the crisy stuff... not this green soft stuff. :) I've got L eating it! :) Although E does enjoy picking it with me.

So I've had some not so successful plants this year. Beans are one of them. Which is probably ok in the end cause they get to be too much by the end of the summer. But I was surprised by how few came up.

Pumpkins were another thing that didn't spring forth like I had hoped. I had my whole patch tilled up with the plan to have half dedicated to pumpkins. And this plant is the ONLY one that came up out of five mounds with 4-5 seeds in each!! Seriously. But I am still hopeful that this little plant will produce a whole slug of pumpkins. I think I got 30 from one vine last year. So maybe it was ok more didn't pop up. :)

A few plants died this winter... but the few that survived are sprouting runners to replace those that didn't make it. I don't have a picture, but I did plant a blueberry bush. The birds harvested the first crop... grrrr. Didn't see that coming, I don't know why. Got to get a net.

The peas are doing really well. Just have to keep the creeping jenny vines off them.

Pepper plants are showing lots of pepper potential! :)

A few spinach did make it. I've never had a good crop.

The long spike that is out of focus is a calla lily!! I have several of them in the garden at different places and a few around the house. Flowers are things I want to do more of... fill in the gaps here and there. And have a whole section dedicated to bulbs or a sun flower garden. Some day.

The sunset amidst the garden.

No compost this year as I don't have a good spot or system where little people and cats won't get into it. Maybe next year.

So that's the tour. What's growing in your garden?


Sigh. Today is over. I - am - relieved. Mondays are usually kind of rough around here and today was no exception. As I was rocking and feeding L this evening, I kept thinking that I just want to forget the ugly crap of the day... and my mind drifted to the moments I want to remember instead.

- an evening spent outside- ignoring dishes and the mess of toys and laundry inside- instead digging in the garden, swinging, playing ball, enjoying the cool and windless night
- taking all kinds of fun pictures. I am so glad I took that class. I've learned so much about what my camera can do.
- how much they are enjoying the cardboard box house I made... and to think I just about threw that box away!
- a brother and sister playing peekaboo around the big tree- the giggles and laughter
- L swinging away... that is her favorite thing to do outside. She crawls over to the swing and gives a shout out letting me know she's ready
- understanding L's language better every day. And she's getting better at letting me know what she wants. She doesn't actually speak words that everyone can understand... more her actions, facial expressions, and some garbled words. Like tonight... she wanted her mama's milk... so she scooted over to the rocking chair after bath and cried "ma, ma" until I came and got her. Or if she's hungry for a meal... she goes to the high chair and calls out for me there.
- prayers by E thanking Jesus for all kinds of things- kites, guitars, "all the peoples", and more
- a rainstorm tonight- thunder and lightning to replenish a dry garden
- God's divine inspiration for a parenting situation tonight
- a successful supper
- E picking lettuce from the garden for supper with me tonight
- E just wanting me to be around and watch him hit the ball off the tee
- L guzzling milk at supper from a cup. This is the first time she's really gone for it. She kept asking for more. This makes me hopeful that she'll be weaned before #3 gets here. :)
- the book of Proverbs. the past two days of devos have been from the book of Proverbs... oh how I love that book... the rays of sunlight in these pictures represent what those words of wisdom do to my soul when I read them... now to remember them and apply them.

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life. John 6:63

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Rom.3:23-24

The Church is not a gallery for the better exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones. HENRY WARD BEECHER

so glad that today is only a day... and tomorrow is a new one. so thankful for grace and forgiveness in Jesus and that I CAN start over... again.


Just got back from a little camping trip... lots of hiking, time on the beach, taking pictures with the manual setting, a friendly gopher, conversations, story telling and good memories made with Gma & Gpa Rosin. I have so many pictures that I like, but here are just a few.

L learned how to say "boom" and took a few steps on her own. E loved all the attention he got from Gpa and Gma. We have a funny video of E and Gpa- the "Yar!" video. I don't know which is funnier- the video or watching the video with E and hearing him laugh out loud to it. :)
Getting away was nice and now I look forward to the other lake/camping ventures planned. Although coming home to tall grass and a weedy garden isn't all that great. I started collecting grass clippings and put a bunch on the places I weeded now. Hopefully that helps. I'll have to share pictures of the garden sometime.
Gearing up for a week at home alone with the kiddos. D is doing a VBS on an Indian Reservation this week. I'm excited to hear all about it. There are always awesome things God does.
My resolution for the week alone is to play with the kids for at least 30 minutes a day. I read about this challenge here. I am so guilty of not playing like I used too. It's too too easy to rationalize to myself that I "need" to get those things floating in my mind done. I started tonight. I set the timer for myself and sat in amongst the kids. I failed though... cause I cleaned and organized the play area instead of played. So I'll try again tomorrow. :)

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