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the boy...

His imagination has come alive, vocabulary exploding, 3 word sentences, and in the "I do it" stage (which has it's up and downs).

He tells me if I'm doing a good job when I draw for him. "Good job Mom. Wow!"

He keeps me guessing and attemping to keep up. Below one of the webs he made with fabric strips. About all I have time or energy for is grabbing the camera to capture the moment and hope my memory doesn't fail me later.

The first clue for me that he was using his imagination was when he was playing with his food one day and said "bear". The muffin he was eating looked like a bear face. The latest thing from him... bus in the cupboard. I just had to make the steering wheel. He takes trips often to visit G'parents or "go to work" like dad does. :)

He is good for me... and I pray I for him. Running and outside time is high priority on his list. The other night we ran around the house with very few breaks for half hour. That's the most I've run in a long.LONG time. And he slept really well- no tears at bedtime. :)

He keeps me humble. He keeps me real. I ask God for help a lot, for forgiveness, and strength to do the right things when I don't want too.


Dear Ron Paul,
I tried. I almost made it. But you know how it goes, little kids, meals, naps, diapers... we just didn't get out of the door in time. You were so close... 1/2 hr away of all places.
But I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being someone I can stand behind and cast my support and vote for. Thank you for being a sane, logical, strong voice amongst the drones of big government and more spending and fear. Thank you for valuing truth rather than rhetoric. Thank you for being true to your word and principles. Thank you for having a track record that backs up what you are saying now. Keep fighting the good fight.

(AP Photo)

100 Days of Real Food.com

I am liking 100DaysofRealFood.com A LOT. Tons of ideas, meal plans, recipes, suggestions, information about food, etc. etc. It has been a big help with coming up with inspiration for meals & snacks.
I've also been doing some experimenting of my own aside from that website. Here are some pictures of things I've been making... and someday in the future (like next Tuesday) I'll sit down and write about them.

baby food - avocado + banana + a little apple

ground toasted rice, quinoa, millet= homemade baby cereal

homemade baby cereal + banana

butternut squash + tomato sauce + veggies = spaghetti sauce

lentils + coleslaw + homemade yogurt based dressing

a variation to the pumpkin muffin - added black beans, carrots and a few chocolate chips

quinoa chili courtesy of Feeding the Whole Family

sausage veggie skillet

"pizza" pocket- this is full of bbq meat+lentils+veggies+cheese


The imaginative little boy with his helmet.

The little gal sporting her first mama-made outfit (skirt+sweater).

Choose your own adventure...

A new link that I have up is CYOA- Choose your own adventure. Dallas came up with this one. It's fun. I remember seeking those books out in the library growing up. And now I have my very own author to write for me! Ha! Actually the fun part about this website is that you- yes you!- can join in. If creative writing is up your alley... then sign up and join in. Dallas will like the company... and I'll enjoy more choices to read. :)


A place I'd like to spend more time in...

A closet turned into a reading room. Too bad I'm in here with my computer... I should be reading instead. Maybe next week. :)
So sorry for the quietness here. Busy, busy as usual. It seems that Tuesday nights are about the best chance I get for sitting down and thinking around here. :)
Something fun that I rediscovered- Adventures in Odyssey. It is radio drama. They are 1/2hr stories packed with fun and so many good life lessons from a Christian perspective. The little man is so into to it. "Odyssey? God stories?" has become the new request- which I am thrilled by... cause I can only listen to Veggie Tales so many times- days, months- in a row. :) The website offers several free episodes and all the current ones are available to listen online for free. It's fun for me cause I grew up listening to these. Now as I listen to them... I realize just how much they impacted me and I am thrilled to be able to share it with my kids.


A fun repurposing idea...

for a Jack Daniels bottle. I was given a few from my father in law who found them in the basement of a house he was helping clean up after flooding. He knows I like glass bottles. As long as you don't fill them up too full, they work wonderfully.


A book I've been reading a lot lately...

It has given me a lot to think about. Some great ideas (though most of the recipes are a bit out of my comfort zone at the moment... I'm slowly trying ones here and there.) It has been super helpful with having baby food ideas and nutritional information.
Even as I sit here to type this I struggle with how to describe what's been going on in my brain. I want to learn more about food. I want to know EVERYTHING that goes into those cans and boxes of food sitting on the shelves of the grocery store. I have been reading labels like crazy and have been shocked more than once by what I've read. I want to buy more basics- beans, lentils, plain veggies, fruit, rice, grains I want to make good healthy meals. I'm looking for food/meals that I feel good about setting before my family- that I know almost everything that we are taking into our bodies. I want meals to not only taste good but truly be good for us. I want to be a good steward of our bodies. I want to teach my kids that they don't have to eat meat every meal, that lentils and beans can work too. I want them to know how make things like spices, sushi, curry, noodles, bread, salad dressings, jams, spaghetti sauces- sauces in general. That the combinations are endless when it comes to food. To not be afraid and try new stuff. I want them to know that you don't have to add sugar or salt to make it taste good. I want to learn how to make green stuff taste good. I want to have a bigger garden. I want to learn how to preserve foods via freezing and not pickling. I've been experimenting a lot lately. Some good, some not so good. Some surprises too... like E liking lentils plain.

So anyways... there will probably be a few posts here and there of successes and things I've discovered along the way. And maybe some mishaps too.


Some bullet points for the evening.

-+- The little girl is scooting. It's changed our days so much. Now we have to watch what is left on the ground. E can't play with toys by himself now (he's learning to share, i'm learning how to teach sharing). She finds him where ever he goes. I have to sweep a lot more. And I find myself searching the ground often, looking for potential hazards. We can no longer leave the crayon jar on the floor. And we have to be sure we've found them all before she is left alone in a room. I made that mistake on Sunday. I had her all dressed and ready for church. I set her on the kitchen floor and ran upstairs to finish getting ready. When I came back... it was unusally quiet. I found her lying on the floor. She saw me and whimpered. I gasped. Her face was purple, her hands were purple, her sweater was a shade of purple. And when she smiled... her teeth were purple. At least it was all washable. :)

-+- I've been crocheting a lot lately. I was tired of doing nothing while nursing. And I found a cute baby sweater pattern online. I however have yet to use the correct gage. Oo, and then it got even better last night. I was gifted a box full of awesome yarn. And my original intent of using up all my yarn in a blanket has been replaced with all kinds of other ideas. And, as you can see above, someone else is liking the yarn. He's created several webs and trails from room to room. And sometimes cupboard to cupboard... I'll have to do a post about him here soon.

-+- It was a beautiful frosty day here... and so still outside.

Ok... that's it for tonight... I had a lot of other thoughts... but they are being replaced with thoughts of sleep.


While this mild weather has been awesome... I'm not sure what it's going to do to all those bulbs I planted. Anyone else having this happen? I probably didn't bury these deep enough. Sigh.

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