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Baby Bump...

Currently 25wks 4days or so along and I finally get around to taking a photo. Sheesh. Just the way it goes for me. I had all the time in the world to take photos and ponder E's development and arrival. With L it was drastically less. And this wee-one even more so. But in my quiet moments alone and with D (aka when kids are not clammering for my attention) I can feel her kick, and I wonder who she'll be and how she'll fit in with her two older siblings and this family of ours. (yes we are 99% sure it's a girl- two technicians tending to me that day and both saw a girl). And then I wonder how E will adjust to being a big brother again- especially this time when he understands more. We've gotten a few good books about being a big brother and newborn babies. He really likes those books. And then there is L. My baby right now. I don't want her to get lost in the middle somewhere. I think this transition will be hardest for her. I need to finish weaning her. And weaning is not my favorite thing. But we will get there in time, just in time.
D's anxious for her arrival. I'm not as much. I need those 9 months, all 9 months to get ready. I'm a bit selfish. I'm just starting to get my freedom back a bit... so it's hard knowing I'll be going back to constant care mode one more time. But I'm sure once I see her, that will all change and I'll jump right back in again. And I need the kids to keep growing up and to become a bit more independent as well.
We'll be nailing down a date again since I have to deliver via c-section. So weird again choosing someone's birthday. This one is tricky cause it falls right on D's at the moment. Next appt I need to remember to ask about it.
Still feeling pretty good. Doing all kinds of things I probably shouldn't. Especially with my varicose veins. But I don't want to live my life lying around doing nothing. I'm grateful for compression stockings.
So those are my random thoughts on the baby for the day. :)

Garden Produce...

The garden is bursting with tomatoes. So, SO many Roma tomatoes coming. I was glad to have my father in law here last week. He helped me eat a lot of the cherry tomatoes. Each day I have a basket full. Going to have to start freezing and making sauces soon!
Had a great soaking rain last night and this morning I went out to recover the garden from weeds. Pregnant and weeding aren't a great combo. So this made it so much easier. Speaking of being pregnant... haven't even taken a belly shot yet of this one. I should get on that.

A week of painting...

Ever since we moved into this house, it has been in need of a good scrape and paint session. And so last week was the week. D's parents came to help... and in the end pretty much did it all. :) And so we thank them over and over for their help. And we thank God for the little favors here and there- weather cooperating, clouds to give us a break from the hot sun. In the end they got a great start. All the high stuff is done except for one side. And two sides are completely done. So one more week of that and we'd have it taken care of! :) I'll have to get out there and take some after and in progress pictures to give a better idea of how far we've come.

Here are some pictures from this whole process. D's parent's actually came at the end of May as well to help.

The kiddos didn't want to be left out of the fun!

A smiley face to greet me at the kitchen sink. I mostly managed kids and meals during the week. We ate well that week. It's always easier to make meals when you know people are hungry and working hard.

Lots of loving on the g'parents. E's prayers this week were so precious... thanking God for G'ma and G'pa coming to paint his house.

Ladders had to be left down- which sometimes stranded those on the scaffolding. But it was necessary cause this little lady is a climber. She has found her way to the top of ladders numerous times.

And this guy wanted to help so much. We humored him with his own paint brush and a cup of water so he could paint too. He'd scrape on occasion. And he was liking all the tools left lying around.

Some boards needed replacing. Well, there are probably several more that could have been. But in the end, a little caulk and paint should do the trick for now. :)

Yay for progress!

a time and sanity saver...

otherwise known as my dishwasher!

Can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this contraption is! It took me a while to come around to the idea. But after one conversation with a mom who told me it was the best thing she ever bought while her kids were young, I got to thinking about how much time I was spending there... wasting there. I finally concluded that it was worth the money and effort. I had done my fair share of dishes with kids crying at my feet and chaos happening in the other room... it was time for something to change.
D was fantastic and got this installed for me just before we left for the lakes. It was a chore- maybe a stinky pain at times, but he stuck with it. And I am soooooo grateful!!
It was a treat to be able to come home and not have to dive back into dishes, dishes, dishes. And especially when he was going to be gone the whole next week at camp!
It has given me more time to sit and be with the kids... doing things like playing and crafting and just watching them and appreciating who they are. Also reading books- which could be a whole other post! We've been gifted and have found so many good books at thrift stores. Every time I go to the thrift store that is the first place I go. Our little library isn't so little anymore. The kids books are soon to take over the adult books! E really likes to read... unfortunately I haven't been able to read with L as much. At bedtime she gets a pile to look at in her crib by herself while I read to E. I hope someday that we can all read stories together at bedtime and yet instill that love for books and reading that E has.

and check out where we have been... just posted this as well... but it disappeared too quickly for anyone to really see it.

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