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It's finished

This post is mostly for my friend Daine. We used to do craft nights together... but it hasn't worked out lately. So we are challenging each other to finish projects and report on them at the end of the week. My goal for this week was to get my calendar finished. So here it is:

I also managed to get one more thing done- a diaper holder for the changing table. I don't have a picture, but it has been on the to-do list for several months now. It sure feels good to finish stuff. If you want to view my list of craft-to-do's, click on the craft links above and view my projects list.

Oh happy day!

I purchased a scrap bag of fabric and it arrived today! And I was not disappointed! (the picture above has scraps from my stash and from the new arrivals) There are so many fun little and big bits! I like scrap bags a lot. I'm not one to buy pretty fabric in yards... I'm just too scared to cut it up! So scraps work best for me. Plus I get such a variety.
So now when I have time, I'll pull it out and make up blocks. I got the bag from an Etsy shop- L'atlier. I got the last bag! But if she ever has any more, I HIGHLY recommend her. :) I'll be keeping my eye out for more from her.

other quotes i'm mulling over...

"It is a foolish woman who expects her husband to be to her that only which Jesus Christ Himself can be: always ready to forgive, totally understanding, unendingly patient, invariably tender and loving, unfailing in every area, anticipating every need, and making more than adequate provision. Such expectations put a man under an impossible strain."
Ruth Bell Graham

"Until I am aware that my needs are already met in Christ, I will be motivated by emptiness to meet my needs. When by simple faith I accept Christ's shed blood as full payment for my sins, I am brought into a relationship with an infinite Being of love and purpose who fully satisfies my deepest needs for security and significance. Therefore I am freed from self-centered preoccupation with my own needs; they are met. It is now possible for me to give to others out of my fullness rather than needing to receive from others because of my emptiness. For the first time, I have the option of living selflessly."
Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr.


"It is one thing to feel chained to the dishpan, and another to feel that we have an important part in making a house a home. We can't hoax ourselves into feeling jolly about dishwater, but when a morning comes that we find ourselves singing over the sink and stacking the dishes with a genuine indifference- or even with a kind of tenderness- then we know that we have stumbled upon the meaning of small tasks in the heavenly economy."
Marguerite Harmon Bro

A Christmas shot...

His wonderful slobbery kisses...

thanks cybil for sharing this with me


Do you ever get in the slump where you just look, and look and look at other people's creations but don't create yourself and it starts to weigh on you? (that was a long question) I feel like I've been there for a month now and I'm about to burst. I have so many ideas floating around- things I want to try out- but just haven't fit that into the schedule yet. I do so much better when I have large chunks of alert un-interrupted time... which is non-existent these days. :) I did break down and buy some fabric scraps online. I'm excited for that package to arrive.

I have two projects weighing on my mind: a quilt to make for this spring as a graduation present and a tree skirt. I found a great website that is giving me lots of great inspiration for the quilt... Handmade by Alissa. I'm just waiting for the scraps to arrive to bring the final inspiration and game plan. The tree skirt... I have ideas, but nothing solid and that is starting to drive me crazy... cause I don't want it to turn into a 2011 Christmas present when it was for this past Christmas. :)

And a tangent... another website that I've been going back to a lot lately... For Small Hands. It's a Montessori education store... I'm debating a broom and dust pan for Elijah. He has taken a great interest in mine... but it's so big and dirty. I want to take advantage of his interest in things like this now. And maybe I can show him how to sweep up his own beans when he dumps them all out. :)

A verse...

A verse that keeps speaking more and more to me each day... and one that I pray takes hold of my heart... and speaks to those who receive it... so that it may take hold of their heart too.

It was a verse read at our wedding... and I had no idea just how powerful, true, and when owned, freeing these words would be... could be. I kept giving this as a wedding gift... but realized it's not just for those becoming husband and wife, but it applies to all relationships- friends, co-workers, family, the noisy neighbor, the unruly boss... whoever you are in relationship with.

And something else I've realized... I can't clothe myself in any of these... but by God's grace and goodness he clothes me, and gives me those good gifts of the spirit... to serve him by showing what true love is to those I'm in relationship with. Do I fail? yes. And that is where "Forgive as the Lord forgave you..." becomes realized in my life.

The babes at 20wks...

First of all...

Meet the little girl:

Lydia is about 10-14oz, and from the ultrasound, my projected due date is May 29th. Everything looked healthy and great. She was busy fending off the wand, had her arm over her face most of the time. The tech mananged to get around her defenses and get this great shot.

And second of all... the comparison picture at 20wks.

So it's hard to tell if I'm bigger this time around. It probably would have helped if I had taken it from the same angle, with the same shirt. Oh well. :)

My calendar...

I decided to make my own calendar this year. I usually just use a freebie... but the spaces for writing in events was always to small for my liking. So instead of buying one, I figured I could make my own. And so I did. My intention is to re-use the decorative backs and just make a new calendar sheet for the next year. It definitly wasn't well thought out before I began, but if I hadn't started, I still would be mulling over it. So here are shots of the months I've finished.

tomorrow I'll share the results from today's ultrasound appt!


Trying something else new! I had a left over bag of pinto beans -which I had used to make bean bags for Christmas gifts- so instead of them sitting the bag, I decided we might as well use them. We've been in a rut as far as activities/toys/play time. This was sure a hit!

He got garden tools for Christmas... which are perfect for this!

He really liked this... and played a lot independently... which is nice for me... I was able to mostly finish my calendar while he did this.

He has trouble with scooping... which is also a struggle when feeding himself. The little bit of play time here though seemed to help... he managed to get more on his fork today at lunch. It is so neat to see him learn!

A craft night of our own...

Friday craft nights have been ruined due to weather too many times this year already! Tonight was no exception. So E and I had our own little craft night.

note the picture above... we've watched the Veggie Tales Jonah a lot... and it was on my mind I guess

I'm in the process of making my own calendar, and E was hanging around the table wanting to see what I was doing. We had tried crayons before, but they just went in the mouth. But that had been a couple months now and it was time to give it another try.

He sat on my lap for quite some time and tried out the crayons. I drew a picture above while he scribbled below. After a while I had to move him to the chair. (my belly is getting bigger! - which reminds me that I need to take that 20wk photo before it becomes wk 21!) He was getting antsy, so I gave him the crayon box- which led to him wanting to put the crayons in and dump them out. I really enjoyed this little time we had together... and it gives me great hope that we can do many a craft nights together in the future.

I like the look of concentration on his face ;)

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