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And finally this Easter...

We had a lovely weekend together... I was spoiled... got to put my feet up a lot plus work on a project. Elijah was spoiled too... he was loving all the attention. Here are some pictures of our weekend.

His aunt was working her skills and got him to eat his supper he had avoided before church... E signing "more"

G'pa and E with his new toy...

Aunt K and E... she let him play with her phone... brave gal.

Look what we found digging in the flowers...

Reading... caught him in the act of licking his fingers to turn the page...

Gma wrestling him after a diaper change... G'ma was a busy lady this Easter- laundry, meals, diapers and more...

Chatting with dad... he was a super busy guy this weekend... we only saw him at church each evening and then on Sunday...


During the giggle session last Easter at our house...

Flashback 2

A flashback to October 2010- went home to celebrate my brother's birthday! I didn't post then cause I was plum tired and suffering from morning sickness... but this was such a nice visit and my dad got some great pictures... I can't not share!

{elijah doing his silly laugh- which makes all of us laugh}


{lovin' my g'parents}

Flashback 1

A flashback to summer 2010- lakes with my family. {more pictures}
Later this week, I'll get a recap of Easter up here! HE is RISEN!!


An organization idea for recycling... use cereal boxes for separating different kinds of paper- newspaper, junk mail, white, color.


From the archives...


I found this today as I was looking through my photo albums. I wrote this down while on Youth Encounter. The theme that year was Calm the Storm- based off of Luke 8:22-25. The Luke's account reads as follows:

    One day Jesus said to his disciples, "Let's go over to the other side of the lake." So they got into a boat and set out. As they sailed, he fell asleep. A squall came down on the lake, so that the boat was being swamped, and they were in great danger.
    The disciples went and woke him, saying, "Master, Master, we're going to drown!"
    He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; and the storm subsided, and all was calm. "Where is your faith?" he asked his disciples.
    In fear and amazement they asked one another, "Who is this? He commands even the winds an the water, and they obey him."

I was having plenty of "storms" that year on team. I quailed in the presence of them. I ran to God asking him to rescue me, fearing that I would be overcome. How silly I am, just like the disciples. Where is my faith? I ran to God and told him how big this storm was that I was dealing with. Ha! As if he didn't know. He knows, he always knows. And yet, he wants me to come and to tell him my storms. He cares and understands. But then he wants to tell and remind me of a few things too. I am His child. I am his and he is mine. He created the universe. He created you and me. He has conquered my sin- as well as the WHOLE world. He defeated the devil and all his demons thru the death and resurrection of his son. My eternal destination is sealed. Nothing can separate me from him. He is in control. No problem is too big for him... and while I remain in him and trust in his word- those problems have no real threat. So I can stand in the face of torrents, I can turn to them instead of cowering and say- "Let me tell you about my God and why you have no power over me..."


This is my mom. She ran her first race in the beginning of April. I can't begin to tell you how proud and inspired and I am by her doing this. She only walked a few minutes of it otherwise ran the whole thing! It gives me great hope that I can get my body back to a healthier state after having kiddos.


We had a visitor last weekend... it was so nice to have my sister visit... and to share in our lazy weekend together.

Elijah warmed up quickly to her and found her weak spots rather quickly too.

They made frequent trips to the refrigerator to get grapes. Played chasing games and a bit of tickle torture. He even got her to let him talk on the phone and hold it! Once I get that video edited, I'll have to post it.

He led her around by the finger most of the weekend showing her what he wanted. He even let her read him to sleep and do bath time. :)
She even treated me by doing some dishes, helping me change sheets and running after E. Plus, there are potential awesome projects that she might have me do- like a crazy awesome quilt in the future with super fun fabric.
{Speaking of quilt... her mere presence inspired me to work on my cousin's graduation quilt and it's 70% done!! }
It was a lovely weekend... thanks K for making the trip up here and loving on us! We'll see you in a few days!!


17 months old!
A little flashback...

So tiny, so new.


Dear self,
I know you are missing those quiet days where you could spend hours upon hours creating and not just dreaming and longing. Don't worry, those days will come back, probably sooner than you'd like after they've returned. I know those days are still so fresh in your head, that you know how much fun that time is... but seriously... you've been given something far greater than all those old sheets, bits of fabric and sewing machine. You're in a season of life where you get to watch and help shape a little one grow up. And who knows, maybe one day... they will ask to learn how to do the things you enjoy. And then you get to share that time with someone else instead of spending it by yourself. Breathe deep, enjoy this time... it's going to fly.
your self


My birthday present from my husband!!! www.elissarosin.com !!! Now you no longer have to remember that blasted number... and if I decide to change where I have stuff... I don't have to tell you a new address all the time! So as long as you can spell my name... it should make this a lot easier on us all!
Thanks for all the birthday greetings! It was a fun day of messing with my website, going out to eat with my boys at Paradiso-( watching Elijah eat salsa for the first time and drink milk from a straw - it was hilarious- I've never seen him eat with such urgency - I think he thought he could get rid of the spice if he ate more - he sure guzzled that milk - and he looked so grown up dipping chips in salsa and eating them like us), did a bit of shopping which included purchasing a hanging plant, some Ben and Jerry's, and garden gloves. The garden gloves will have to wait, as we are getting snow today!! agh! Oh well. :)


I'm extremely grateful for you... who knew, I certainly didn't... at that moment what our future held. But it's obvious to me now that God held it, and still does. I've celebrated 7 birthdays with you now... crazy... from the first one in Macau half-way around the world... to now, expecting our second, living in our own home, living a life that is so full of blessings. I'm glad I get to share it with you.


Peaceful... that is what this picture conjures up... a peaceful moment. And it reminds me of this blogger's post about where that peace is truly found: Peace is a Person


The power of the screen... it's scary how quickly this works... and how fast it can become a monster too. We had a friend over the other day, and it wasn't going so well... but as soon as a video started... peace, calm. *Sigh* This is a monster I am fighting in my life... right now with 1, it's easier to conquer... with 2... it's going to be tough not giving into it... just for those short moments of peace. I just need to keep asking myself what am I really doing when I give in, what are it's long-term affects, what pattern of behavior am I rewarding... all sorts of stuff to this monster.


Click to view some great graphic designs using bible verses: Jezar Albaniel's Flickr. I would have posted a sample, but it's all copyrighted.


{humming bird picture courteousy of my dad}
God's creation is cool. Seriously... he's made some awesome animals, plants... us! I was reminded of a great website that reminds us of just that- how awesome His creation is and how much it says about Him! They have lots of educational videos and activities for the kids.


Something fun for E ... and it has been fun for me to watch him talk to himself.


Jimmy Needham featuring Trip Lee - Grace Amazing
A music video that I'm really liking... heard Jimmy Needham several years ago, and have liked his stuff ever since. He's solid- lyrics full of meaning.


"For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it." Hebrews 12:11 (ESV)
This seems to sum up my life as of late... discipline... getting the tasks done that need to be done... disciplining myself to stay on top of making meals, dishes, laundry, discipline of being one who shapes another... I'm hoping that this becomes easier for me as time goes on. And noticing that last time this year, I was no where near doing all the things I'm doing now... and realizing that having a new one once again will challenge me to stay in this discipline. And seeing how much God has been shaping and disciplining me- my attitude, my thoughts, my actions, my emotions- so different from a year ago... much to be thankful for and stand in awe of. I want Him to keep working on me.


These have been working great! Just sharing an easy idea for baby/toddler proofing. He's gotten the point where if the bungee isn't on, he tries to put it on or let me know I need to fix it... but not all the time. :)

Where we spent most of our winter days

And it never looked this nice except right away in the morning or in the evening after I pick it up. :) Imagine books, blocks, etcs everywhere and a little boy in the middle of it.


{taken on 3/25/11- 31wks 5days}
The ever awkward pose to take your own belly shot. :)
She's still a kicking like crazy... my body is tired and ready for her exit and to start mending itself. Each day the waddle is becoming more apparent and getting myself up off the floor is much harder than the day before.


Well I'm back... we had quite the computer trouble... but things seem to be better now. I enjoyed the break though. {E still likes his dad a lot. :) It was cute, when I took the picture, he was butting his head in and saying "hi!" Has to be in the mix. D in the middle of installing the new memory.} So anywho... some updates for you.

Time is flying... only 7wks left... well make that 6wks actually. The c-section is scheduled-unless something happens to change the doctor's mind. May 23rd. D and I have mixed feelings about this whole c-section thing... just un-natural I guess is the best way to sum it up. No use in reading into that... cause that's all I got. In the end, it will just be nice to have her here. So changes... as you can see we are starting to prep Elijah... moving him to a big bed (many thanks to our neighbors who gave this to us). So far so good. Rearranged the room so make everything fit. Haven't moved the mattress up in the crib yet, cause we still use it for E when he doesn't go to sleep right away. Each day he grows up a little more. Bed time routine is going really well most days. He knows to lie down and get cozy so we can read to him.

Trying some new stuff... with all these last minute snow storms I've gone a bit stir crazy and needed some fresh ideas on how to spend time with Elijah all cooped up in the house. Spent an evening on the internet researching ideas. Playdough kept coming up... so I gave it a try. And it just depends on the day... about 10min is all that he is interested in. Actually I've noticed that sometimes he plays longer if I'm not right there with him. And if he's playin nicely by himself, I do my best to not distract him and let him get lost in his activity... as long as it's not mischevious! :) Other ideas that came up- water play (filling up the sink and letting him play with kitchen utensils), find an old twister board (teach colors, let them play with the spinner) and this website:http://www.kuglstatter.com/animal_sounds/ (haven't tried it). Other wise, he loves being chased or playing hide-n-seek. I'm wearing out though and being on my feet so much hasn't been good for my legs... so it's hard for me to strike a balance. In the end, he really just likes being around and with people... and I'm his people most days. :) I find that if I start off the morning - establishing no computer/dvd, run around and do something with him, the day generally goes better. Oh and he's teething like crazy right now, so that just makes everything more interesting as well.

His favorite past time... playing with his books. We gave in and let him have all of them. He is doing much better at looking at them- "being nice" with them. I tried to get a picture of him sitting the middle of his pile... which is usually the case.

ps. I stayed up late tonight and prepped blog posts... so I'll have some for the next week at least!

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