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Well, that explains a lot!

So thank you for all your well wishes and prayers... I am feeling better, yet not 100%, nor will I be for a while... and now I know why... Elijah is going to be a big brother come May 2011. :) So, my cold is gone and now replaced with nauseousness. It really is nice to know why I've been drained of energy for the past few weeks and to have such a fun reason too. Have you ever had those moments when you've convinced yourself you're seriously sick, that some disease has plagued you and you just don't know what it is? I had those thoughts the past few weeks. :)

So yeah, D and I are both very excited about this... we were hoping to have siblings fairly close together... and yes, we know that it will be a fair amount of work... but when would it not? I feel that it's good cause there's been sufficient time to forget somethings... yet not everything, so it won't be a complete shock to the system. I'm still nursing Elijah... and still plan to until one year, however I'm having thoughts about continuing on until maybe a month or 2 before baby #2 is here (we've got to come up with a nick-name... D was calling Elijah Eli from day one). I feel nursing is so important and good for him, plus I don't care to go through the rough start I had all over again. However, my friend has assured me that once you're "broken in"... you're good to go. And I've heard that sometimes they just wean themselves... however this little boy likes to eat... so not sure if that would happen. Time will tell right?

So besides the fun news of another wee one, we've got even more on our plate right now. We are in the interview process for a job in Wisconsin... still not sure what is really happening there. We flew there last weekend and got to meet the wonderful people at the church there... D went through more interviews and now we just have to wait for another 3-4 weeks before we know anything. So can you see why I've been a bit quiet here? A bit occupied at the moment...

all these pictures I took yesterday while I was cleaning up the garden and getting some fresh air... Elijah decided he wanted to try dirt... 3 times!!! oh and he is walking all the time now... crawling is a thing of the past!

10months + already!

If it gets quiet out in the living room, I know he's either pulling kleenex out of the box, or found his way to his favorite spot- the window by the stair. He hasn't figured out how to get down well yet. I say well, cause he can fall down. He thinks he needs to step down like the rest of us.

**** thanks for the prayers and well wishes... i'm healing up...

Still here...

Hi, I'm still around... just can't quite shake all the ache and pains and sickness... so I've been taking things slow, resting. And when I don't feel good, posting just doesn't sound like fun, sounds more like a chore. But all in all, I am feeling better, which I am thanking God for.

There are always bright spots amid the shadows. **update: Went to the doctor today and confirmed my suspicion- an ear infection... and mine has worked it's way down to the lungs. Yuck, yuck. So I would so appreciate prayers for healing, cause I have to fly on Friday (why? I'll share about some other time). Thanks in advance!

A finished floor...

Done! Done! This house just feels more and more like home with every project we get done. This has been quite the labor of love, sweat and tears. D did amazing job getting this floor in and making it sturdy. If you ever need help putting in a new floor over an old, unlevel one, you should give him a call. :)

And as you can see we've promptly moved in and made it home (aka a mess) :)

Now if my back would heal and feel dandy once again, that would be so nice.
A BIG thank you to my mom for coming and taking care of us while we finished this. I didn't realize how much I needed you mom until you got here. :) Love you.

A few new favorites and other jazz...

I can't seem to get enough of this:
Avocado Smoothie

or frozen blueberries (and when they are topping peach sherbert, even better):

I found the avocado smoothie in the current Family Fun magazine.
We are still in the middle of the floor project. I'm still hopeful that I'll get this done by the weekend. I've been suffering from some back/leg issues and it's been hard to function well. I'm gaining a new perspective and empathy for those who suffer from chronic pain. There are days that it really wears on me- energy, motivation, outlook. It makes me think about the days to come... where there will be no more pain, no more suffering and I get to be with my Savior. In the meantime, I get to rely on him and lean on his strength to bear with this, to keep going- to still remain civil and loving- man that can be hard when you don't feel good. :)

Working hard...

Dallas let him have time on the computer. I think he enjoyed it thoroughly...take note when he grabs the mouse how he looks to see if someone is going to come take it away. :)

Signs of teething...

My attempt to protect the crib from looking like this:

I have seen those nice rubbery covers, but it couldn't wait for another day. He had already left a few marks. Tooth #6 has arrived. I hear the next few can be a doozy.

Kitchen floor...

Re-doing the kitchen floorand the stove has been out of commission for about a week now. I was kind of lost for a bit, but now I'm starting to get the hang of it. I have to do a lot more prep... learning how to brown meat via a little oven, boil noodles in the microwave, etc. A kind neighbor brought over supper tonight for us.

The mess is starting to get to me... but I keep telling myself that it could potentially be done in a week now. So I can make it!!
One good this is that I'm cleaning out my craft corner... going through the hoards of fabric that I've collected over the past 5yrs. I can't believe how much I have. Ok, I can. And it's ridiculous and it's time to part with some of it. So I've got a nice neat stash of things that are going.

And here's a little flash back to see just how far this space has come:

*sigh* So much better!


A busy summer... last time we spoke the garden looked like this...

... now it looks like this:

Despite being gone for 1/2 of the summer, I think it did quite well. Missed the first batch of beans... they were so overgrown.

Pumpkins have over taken the garden! I love it!:

Hiding out amongst the corn:

My failed onion crop:

Strawberries... I've gotten several each day from these two plants! Hope to have lots more next year!


A surprise:

Our very own melons! This small square was our compost corner last year. I pulled a lot more and now we are just down to 4... hoping they will turn out. If not, no loss. :)


A busy summer... last time we spoke the little man was on the verge of crawling...

... now he is on the verge of walking!

We started potty training, he dances and waves, he's eating mostly solids, and we are on a set schedule ( which is huge!)

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