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Takin' a break...

Well I've decided that I'm going to be taking a break from this blog for the summer. There are many reasons for this... A. I waste too much time on here (more so an addiction) B. I've got a baby boy growing up fast before my eyes and I want to be intentional about spending with my time. C. I need a technology break.
There are always more reasons, but that's all I've got for you now! Have a great one!

Tis the season to plant!

Well on top of purging last Friday I managed to get my garden planted! Yahoo!

That is such a good feeling to have done. I added another section to my garden and intend to keep re-claiming another weed infested section each year. I'm hoping for the best. I weeded and de-rocked as much as I could. Now, to just stay on top of weeding and caring for it. :) So soon I hope to see signs of carrots, beans, spinach, onions, corn, pumpkins, peas, and chives. Someday I'll tackle potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. I always forget that I need to start my tomatoes inside. I tell myself "next year!", and then forget again the next year.

And on Thursday, my friend Elizabeth and her kiddos were here and they brought me these!

How awesome is that!?! Even though it was wet and rainy most of the time, we managed to plant them. I so enjoy flowers as gifts! They are on the very top of my list of gifts to receive. And ones that I can plant are all the better! Which reminds me I still have a bag of gladiolus that I intend to plant. hmmm....

Oh and one more plant I was gifted this time from my mom:

A blueberry bush! It's a dwarf and designed to stay in a pot on your porch. I'm very curious to see how this goes.

So what have you all planted or hope to plant yet?

6 Months!

"Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow ~ For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow ~ So quiet down cobwebs, Dust go to sleep I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep." ~Anonymous

I saw this quote on a different blog and thought it appropriate... he is growing up so fast and there are days, that cleaning and scrubbing distract me from him.

monday colors - RED!

The little lobster that sits on my computer...

a red Bobby...

clean sheets fresh off the line...

D's motorcycle manual- he passed his test and I got to take a spin with him! It was really nice, just the two of us...

my favorite rag rug in front of my kitchen sink...

my bedside lamp and felted bowl my mom made for me...

picture frames that contain postcards from Japan...

a book I just finished reading and thoroughly enjoyed...

an insert from the Answers Magazine we get...

And the last "red" I have to share is here. When you click you'll be able to feed them. How fun is that?

The Purge...

*Deep breath* and *sigh*... doesn't it feel good to purge? Today was our city wide clean out day... and yesterday we purged in preparation for it.

By the end of the day... these were our piles:

I wanted to put up a sign, "One man's junk is another man's treasure"... cause there were definitely some useful things still in there. D said there should just be a building in town where people can trade their stuff. Bring stuff in and then leave with other things. There are places kind of like that through Habitat for Humanity called ReStores. However you pay for the items only at a discounted price. I know there is one in Moorhead, just wish there was one closer.

There were some fun finds, some that I kept and others I took pictures of and tossed.

There was an old deteriorated baby buggy complete with iron wheels and wooden spokes.

There was an old doorframe with a name stamped on it and what looked like an old postal code.

Not sure what this was/is, but I'm keeping this:

along with these:

I'm such a glass jar junkie, especially colored ones.

It's funny though, after getting rid of all that stuff, I'm still excited about garage sale shopping. :)

And by the end of the day we were all tuckered out:


The start picture has nothing to do with the video... I just like it. :)

You'll see his eyes darting around, he's looking for me. And when I pop up, he gets a big grin. Oh if only things could be so happy all the time. Lately he's been a bit crabby... and I'm not sure what is causing it. Maybe the cereal upsetting his stomach or teeth coming through. Either way, more tears than smiles lately.

monday colors - yellow

For a while on Monday's I'll post on a color. I'm starting with yellow. As I was brainstorming what I could blog about this week I started thinking about the different themes people have done on their blogs. I have always enjoyed the color weeks... however to keep things interesting, I'll just do it on Mondays.

I like yellow... but I didn't realize how much I am drawn to it until I started looking around my house. I could stare at that goldenrod yellow a long time. It's cheery, sunshine-like, bright spot in dark places, pops, warmth. Anywho... I guess I have a lot of it, so here are a few collages of the yellow around my house.

Elijah's Bumbo + clock from my sister + raincoat I've had since 9th or 10th grade in High School and a vest we got from our friend Boots + book bag I got while travelling in the Philippines

Tulips that grace my yard + ripe bananas + JOY magnet + kitchen curtain

My Sunshine Care Bear magnet I've had since a kid + a favorite lip balm + Listened to this as a kid all the time + A tin I picked up while in Japan and now use it as my pin tin for sewing

Thrifted yellow polka dot fabric + dishes towel from my mom + beautiful banner made by Elizabeth + next to my kitchen sink

One of my favorite quilts, backed in yellow flannel + 2 dolls of mine + Our bus, soon to be all black :( + Elijah's rubber duckies

I will post that promised video of Elijah probably later tonight!


First, I've been having fun looking up synonyms for words in the thesaurus. So for randomness some of the words that stood out were: unplanned (which this entry is) and unexpected (which leads me to this->)

Well I woke up to this:

And I have to chuckle cause my dear hubby took off on a little trip yesterday afternoon and was rather certain it wouldn't snow... oh I forgot to mention that he took off on his scooter. I chuckle not in a mean way cause I want him back safe and sound, but at the irony of it all... it's May 7th! This snows helps me feel better that I don't have my garden planted yet.

One other random note. I've been wanting to make reusable grocery bags again, but was lacking direction, design ideas, the "aha!" moment. Well I had that today when I visited my friend at Affectioknit. She has a superb little tutorial for the "Self Storing Fabric Grocery Bag".

And one final note, I could actually taste my breakfast this morning. I've been without the sense of taste and smell all week. It was interesting cause I noticed texture a lot more and craved things with a certain texture. Weird. And with the loss of taste and smell, I made up some random things... like a hotdog wrapped in pepperjack cheese and spinach in a bun. :) yeah... ok. Well so ends my randomness. Come back on Monday and I'll have some new videos of Elijah to share.

And Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!

Cerealously take 2...

Here are some pictures for those who are unable to view the video.


He has been watching us intently eat for quite sometime now. I thought it would be fun to let him have a go at some cereal. Enjoy!


My baby! Sitting up! I so ENJOY this time! He gives slobbery kisses and is more cuddly. He's perfected the high voice register and now working on the low (he growls!). He's figured out how to roll over to pick up his toy. He sucks on his toes. He reaches for toys when you hold them in front of him. He giggles more all the time! He loves watching his mommy do silly actions to songs. Just waving your fingers in front of him causes great delight... which brings me to story time.

So Dallas and I teach guitar class Sunday's after church. Well I teach sometimes, but mostly I learn from D. {bar chords are killer!} Anywho, Elijah just hangs out with us while we do that. Well yesterday he was wearing out and just chilling on D's lap as we were wrapping up the session. He was getting a little whiney so I attempted to entertain him with my "magic fingers" hoping to get a giggle from him. He was so chill that instead of giggles, my fingers were lulling him to sleep. For a moment it felt like I was hypnotizing him.

So now as he is getting bigger, toys are more interesting to him. I really don't want store bought toys, but home-made toys. What it comes to is that I don't want a bunch of plastic toys that are going to cost a bunch, break and be cast aside into an ever-growing pile. I want to encourage creativity and imagination with ordinary things lying around the house. I've been babysitting a little 1yr old and things like milk jugs, boxes, juice lids and egg cartons have been quite entertaining on their own. Making toys with her and E in mind has been fun... here are a few that I've made and some reviews:

The Plush Alphabet #2... this one I gave away too... but another one is in the works. They are durable, easy to pick off the fridge, the magnets won't fall out and are a good use for scraps you have lying around!

Cloth blocks. The little girl has liked real blocks better. E likes them to put these in his mouth.

A trinket bottle. I did tape up the end with blue duct tape so the little items don't escape. I was trying to make something interesting to look at so E would stay on his tummy longer. Didn't work. But the little girl liked to look at the stuff inside. In the end, they really just want to get the stuff out.

These rattles my mom made. Using old pill bottles, beans/rice, toilet paper tube, plastic knife, paper, and some duct tape. E really likes the orange/blue one cause it's easy to hang onto.

This has been the most entertaining so far... juice can lids, colored duct tape and an old butter tub.

Here are two projects I think would be fun:

Bag of Beans! from Purl Bee
and Marble Run (granted when he gets bigger!) {from Family Fun}

Do you have any fun ideas for toys out of house-hold items?

clarity amidst congestion...

I'm tired of blowing my nose, and tired from blowing my nose.

I've left a kleenex trail all around the house... did I mention I was tired? {i do pick them up eventually! ;) } At least the weather has been such that you like to stay inside and do inside things.

Despite my nagging cold, my drive to do things has not waned. Somedays I wonder if I look like a zombie... well if I don't look like it, I feel like it. And there is a little part of me that would just like someone to take me by the hand, tell me I don't need to do this right now, it will be there waiting for me later, and put me to bed.
However, it's usually just the babe and I... and he's not quite there yet... so things have been getting done. In my congested blur I had some clarity with quite a few things. One of which is this blog- namely getting over my writer's block with the plan of more entrys.

Journaling has always been a big part of my life. I remember my first one... back in 2nd grade. It was red and came with a lock and key. It was my safe outlet: a place to rummage through the thoughts and emotions in my head, exchange words with God, collect quotes, write down ideas, draw... a place to be me- the good, bad and the ugly... and several journals later, it still is. So this isn't going to be my journal now, but I'm hoping to transport the flow and ease with which I wrote in there and use it here. I feel like my words are failing to express my idea.... ok so maybe my head isn't all that clear. :)

Random, I really like finding the word that encompasses the thought I'm trying to express. It's like opening a locked door... and life explodes out. Dramatic, maybe, but what I envision none-the-less. Well... that's enough for this one... I see my dear husband hijacked my page and posted the long over due video. There you go mom. You can thank D- it was all him.

I'll talk you all later.


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