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Tomorrow is November...

Wow, so the month for our little guy's arrival is tomorrow. After feeling like some days it was so far off, I can't believe it's here now. The appt went well yesterday. Our doctor tried to see if I was dilated at all, but he's so far down she couldn't. Our doctor was encouraged by that cause it means I should be able to deliver "o' natural". He's dropped too... so I guess things are all lined up!
I posted the corn chowder recipe. It makes a small pot. The three of us adults finished it off easily. Click on "Recipes" to view it.

Still here...

I just realized the other day that I might be giving the impression that the little guy is here... but nope not yet... just haven't been posting. Trying to get other web projects done and this has been neglected. Plus our camera isn't here so pictures of things I wanted to take and share, I just can't right now. Still staying healthy. Have my next appt tomorrow and eager to see if there is any progress being made. I still have 12 days until the scheduled due date... so what to do with my time... I have one more big house project I would like to accomplish... organize a hall closet so i can fit more stuff in there. ;) Otherwise, sleep so my body will stay healthy and rested. :) Happy Thursday to you...
ps. made some yummy chicken corn chowder... will have to add it to the recipes later.

It's done!

So glad to have gotten this done. The creation corner plans are going to be on hold for now. It's functional as it is.

It's coming along...

Got the first coat of paint done...

I've become a bit ambitious...

So ever since Wednesday I've been dreaming up this move more seriously... and last night thanks to my dear hubby... the beginning stages took place.

I'm moved my creation corner here... and I've got all sorts of ideas... some include a new table out of some old doors sitting around in the garden shed; returning the old table to it's original purpose- a breakfast nook/island; hanging the big brown shelf above my table. All sorts of things rolling around in my head.

And then this space is going to be turned into a "mudroom/back closet/wall of hooks" with a bench to take shoes off and on at. I've got a small bit of patchwork and some painting to do, but I think this will come together more quickly than the creation corner.

So stay tuned for updates. :) And in other news... had a good appt. Everything seems to be going well. Next visit (week and a half) we will see if I'm dilated at all. So I've got a week and a half to get this done. ;)

nursing wrap...

Found the pattern for the nursing wrap online. It does look a bit like a grocery store apron... but it's where he's getting his food right? ;)

Really?? 36wks???

I can't believe I only have 4 weeks left. And I can't believe how hard it is to take a self portrait of my belly. :) Tomorrow is another appt and from here on out, I foresee more frequent appts. So crazy... and I'm so ready. I've been following Maria on Little Things are Big and her new journey as a mommy and I just get giddy. It will be my turn soon! I must say I'm completey impressed that she manages to blog daily still. Can't say that will happen here (not that it does anyways), but one never knows until one is there what is really going to happen.
Been feeling pretty good. I can tell he's getting stronger, cause those little elbows are sticking out more and more... and I find myself getting short of breath every once in a while... I imagine a leg stretching session.

Knephla Soup...

A fun and uber busy weekend with my mom and sister. My wonderful church put on a baby shower for me and my mom and sister came up for the weekend so they could attend. The weekend was full of good food. This however was one of the things we didn't quite get to. So for my mom's sake, I posted the recipe for Knephla soup on my recipe page. I had never heard of Knephla before I came to North Dakota. In the church cook book there are 5 different recipes. It is a really yummy and quite a simple soup in the end. My friend Steph and I ventured into unknown territory and took a stab at making it. We are happy to report that it came out very well, with plenty of leftovers ( we like leftovers ). I don't have any pictures at the moment cause my camera is missing one battery.


I was over at Affectioknit and saw she was playing a photo-tag game. Looked like fun- so I'm playing along... first here are the rules:

    1. open your first photo folder
    2. scroll to the 10th photo
    3. post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it
    4. tag people to do the same

This photo was taken while I was on a Youth Encounter team- New Dawn. We were a relational music ministry team that travelled throughout the Eastern half of the US, the Philippines and Macau. This particular picture was taken during a program we put on while in China though. I don't care to give too many specifics because Christians in China are under a lot of persecution... and I want to support them in their ministry efforts by being discreet. This church was a state church... and we even had state officials visit while we were there. It was a whole other experience- realizing that worshipping freely wasn't a freedom. And it was awesome to witness God working despite all the restrictions. What hearts and hunger the Chinese we met have for Jesus and the salvation he offers them.
SO that's my story... :)
Consider yourself tagged!


Thought it would be fun to add some of my favorite recipes on here too. I get such great stuff from everyone else who shares, I figure it's high time I share a few too. Let me know if you ever try one. Enjoy!


Have I ever told you all that I spent a year in Japan right after college? Some days I even forget... Since I was re-doing my website, I had to go and find all my links and see if they still worked, etc. And a nice little surprise were all my letters home from Japan. I kept them. I wasn't internet savy then- no blog, not even digital pictures. I took so many pictures of that year, but haven't scanned them in ever... now that I say that I should do that someday since I currently own a scanner-(these are a few that I scanned tonight). Hmmm.... well anyways, if you are ever curious about Japan- or at least my view of Japan while I was there you can click here to read my letters and the few digital photos I do have of my time there. I'll have to do future posts when I get more pictures and share bits of my time there with you.

Things I'm grateful for...

  • Peace and quiet
  • Free time
  • Apple cider tea (courtesy of Elizabeth)
  • Cooler weather
  • Blankets to snuggle under
  • Heaters to plug in
  • my husband
  • my little boy (yes it's a boy... and he's not here just quite yet- but he's kicking away letting me know he's here)
  • my pajamas
  • quiet time with my Savior
  • a house that stands, keeps rain out and me dry
  • apples... apple crisp has become a standard
  • freedom... and more than just american freedoms, but the freedom I've found in Christ
  • good friends and time to enjoy them

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