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The painting recap...

So, do you remember me saying that I had a nightmare about the color I chose... well in the end the nightmare came true. I got up that morning, painted a section and it looked just fine... the creamish/yellowish I was aiming for. So my dear friend Andrea came down to help me paint that Saturday afternoon. It was fantastic... we got the ceiling done and all the walls too. In between coats we'd take a tour of different parts of the house, outside in the garden, the garage. And we also has a lovely supper of pancakes and eggs. So all was going well, until dusk and the last coat. I said to Andrea, "You know this looks a little greenish." And she said, "Yeah, I was noticing that too, but didn't know if I should say something.""Hmmm," I said to myself.And sure enough it was greenish, so completely not what I was aiming for. So at that point, I started trying different decors in the room... all ok, but just not looking right. Andrea, departed for the night, and then that is when my resolution started to grow... "I'm getting up early tomorrow morning and doing it all over again". So the next morning woke up at 8:15am after a fitful night of sleep, got ready, and went to Wally world to pick out a new color. It took me all of 5 minutes to discover my error. I had picked a light shade up from the green palet and didn't remember doing that. Well I hemmed and hawed for 15minutes, not wanting to make the same mistake twice, found a color that I thought would do. The lady at the counter was so much more helpful than that guy before, reassuring, offering tips. So soon after I was home, dressed for business, and got to er. :) And I'm happy to report that this time went way better. I didn't have to prime cause my color was light enough, just 2 coats. And so these are pics of the results. It's the neutral- any color will go with it- creamish/yellowish/sunny color I was aiming for. (I know Elizabeth- I was looking at that dark color, but it really scared me in the end... and I change my mind on decor so much that this was a better fit for me). So there you have it.

So I'm going for white decor... have my old screen, have 4 square white cupboard doors that I am going to paint designs on and hang as art in the room. And a new comforter cover is in order as my old one is ripped up to use in the graduation quilts.


Painting pictures to come... but not yet... I'll have to post the whole story tomorrow... the room is painted though.

The one thing that has grown and is food.

And I transplanted it... from it's weed infested area to here... hoping for the best...

And the tree bloomed!!

And Memorial day at the lakes...


So begins the marathon to get things done... our room is entirely cleaned out, shoved into the small bedroom next door, our mattress in the living room, (the house is a huge chaotic home... it's growing on me). I had nightmares about the color I chose, but got up this morning and painted a section and the nightmares are just silly. I like the color and we are going with it. No pictures of that section... D has the camera... they are doing the 30 Hour Famine at church tonight until tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to the videos they capture of their time. Last year's video blog can be seen here.
Mowed our yard for the second time this past Tuesday. Tore out more plants/weeds that I hopefully won't regret doing. :) Tulips are still coming up, which is fun... nevering-ending cheerfulness. Still debating the whole garden thing. Don't have much more time to debate... probably won't do it this year. Wait till next year... too many rocks, weeds, projects, and trips. :)
So what's in store for your Memorial weekend?

Log cabin quilt...

I just need to add the border and then assemble the 3 layers. I'm getting there!!

Pics from my day...

The long lost quilt...

Finally cutting all the pieces I need...

...will there be enough??

Elizabeth, I loved your tulips inside so much, I brought some of mine in too!

My computer corner... where all these blogs come from. And where I was supposed to stay away from today! :)

The carpet... not done, but getting closer...

How time flies...

Ok, so nothing really new to report... still waiting on the carpet. The pro came out and said he'd be able to come back on Wednesday this week and he's got exra linoleum at home that he's going to bring and lay down in my front closet and entry way! Huray! And he said what I had done so far looked good and we could put some stuff back into the room. So, I've got my computer corner all set up in a new location. This is such a large room it's hard to figure out how to use the spaces. But it's fun to try things out. Is it really the middle of May already? Isn't it March? Wait. I remember March now... I don't want to go back to all those snow storms. Never mind. It's May! And summer activities are about to take full swing. The first week in June is the only week we don't have booked already. I'm looking forward to it though. I'm going to camp as a camper for the first time since... well Elizabeth when was the last time we went to camp together? High school. Anywho, this time I'm participating in a guitar camp up at Shepherd's Hill! I'm going up with one other youth from church. We take lessons weekly from my hubby. He tells us we've both improved to the point where we'd actually get something out of a week of camp now. And I love going up to camp! It will probably be a little intimidating... but I'm ready for it. And it will be a nice break from being in the kitchen all the time. That is where I am usually when I go to camp. The week before this camp, I'll be on the road to Cedar Rapids, IA and to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, near Cincinnati, OH. We are participating in a Disaster Response trip to Cedar Rapids. They were flooded last spring and are still working on recovering. And yes we realize that there is a lot of work to do in North Dakota, but we are waiting till August when a lot of other groups pull out and there is still work to do. If you're curious or interested you can check out those links above. So besides all these trips, there is a house to prepare and a yard to mow! So full "summer" ahead! What's in store for your summer?
PS. for those of you that I promised gifts too... they are still coming I haven't forgotten. My creation corner is buried right now. ;)

Carpet Delay...

So I've got the carpet in the house and half layed, and then I realized my boo-boo. So I've called someone from church who knows what their doing (aka a professional) and I hope to have it remedied enough by tonight to put everything back in and take some pictures for you all. :) In the meantime, other pics of other projects that have kept me busy lately.

More tulips!

The start of my rock and weed garden. :) As you can see I didn't get very far the other day. It was quite fun though to get out and dig and be in the sun. (don't worry mom I was using dish gloves)(updated photo from today)

A back door curtain. A bit piece mealed, but I really like the yellow and brown combo, so I went with it.

So what have you been up to? Oh, any tips from you gardners? Things I should think about, plan ahead for, etc. I would appreciate your help. :)

5/4/09The tulips have bloomed!!!

Got the carpet bought last night, need to get all of it inside... hope to post pics tonight of the progress.

A report

My corner right after cleaning, and before the house got turned upside down. :)

Taking out the last of the icky pink carpet.

Almost ready for it's new carpet.

Our bedroom carpet we tore out as well. Might as well while we're at it. :) Looking forward to having all those floors done!

Happy May Day!

(I've since changed it several times as you can tell)
My new obsession/passion.. has spilled over into my own page. I'm trying something new. April showers bring May flowers. I'm trying to figure out how to make layouts, use the most of my space, keep it functional and yet create something new. So bear with me as I keep trying stuff out. This is my sketchbook so to speak. Please enjoy the randomness as it unfolds. Note that I've placed the message board on this page now. In it's place is crafts. I'm planning on redoing this section and adding all my crafty links there. The screen is best viewed in larger resolutions.

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