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It is coming soon. Tomorrow hopefully... and then for real the webpage will be down. I'm currently sitting in an empty apartment with the computer typing this to you. Pictures galore are coming from the house! Some surprises have unfolded during the remodeling process. :) Talk to you soon!


Our new home!!

We closed today! It was a beautiful day... sun was shining off and on, there was frost falling from the trees. We walked to the bank to get our big check, then we also walked to our closing appointment. It was nice... not rushed... reflective almost. A big step, and we made it.
After that came the hard work. Like getting Otis (Dallas's truck) out of it's snow tomb. I had already dug out in the front, and created an escape route, so that was pretty easy. Dallas had the hard part getting Otis to start and stay running. In the end, Otis is now safely in the garage at our new home. Dallas couldn't be happier! His very own garage.and his truck is in it, ready for a rehaul.
I spent most of the day after signing, cleaning, moving boxes and furniture... and mostly just getting a game plan. There is soooo much to be done, it's a bit overwhelming. One day at a time, one room at a time... will soon become my mantra. Anywho...
Not that I have too many readers, but just to let those few faithful know.... I probably won't be posting after Friday for a while. In fact my webpage will be down until we get internet figured out at the new place.


I'm not one to exercise on a regular basis... I go by the philosophy that my life is exercise. Whether it be washing, cleaning, moving lifting, lately shoveling... I exercise. So like today for instance... we went sledding.

And when I say we, I mean the 16 kids, Dallas and I. We took THE Bumblebee and loaded everyone up. It was an absolutely fabulous day. Exercise galore... especially when I went to turn the bus around and got stuck. :) It was one of those moments you hope never happen, especially when you're all by yourself. It was one of those "buckle down and do it" moments. So out I went with a shovel and started digging out the tires. Well I managed to get it turned around... but I didn't have enough room to get a running start to plow through. So there was a lot of digging, getting back in and moving inches, digging again, etc. You get the picture. I was so thankful for the warm weather, the sunshine, and for the spade and hoe we had on the bus. I was exhausted by the time my rescue posse arrived.

About to take the plunge!

So after that... I went through the tunnel... oh I didn't tell you about this hill or the tunnel. I deviate... So this hill. It is the backside of a dam. Distance from top to bottom... no joke... about 100 yards. It is a HILL. Well with all the snow and wind, there is a nice cliff that has developed. It feels like you're scaling a wall near the top. I have to give myself a pep-talk before I go down each time. You slowly creep to the edge and just drop. It's a rush. Where this cliff has developed, you're looking at about 10-12 feet deep. Dallas and Josh got the idea to dig a tunnel to slide through. They went out lastnight when it was cloudy, moonless and dug it out by light from a kerosene lamp. And today we all got to enjoy it.

Dallas coming out of the tunnel...

Scaling the cliff

Closing and community service day...

Well I think it's going to happen for real. Told today we are closing Thursday. :)
This is how we spent our day yesterday... it was national service day. This picture was in the newspaper of one of our groups. We had 30 people show up to serve. And it was a beautiful day to be out.

(Katie Ryan / The Sun) Students shovel sidewalks around northeast Jamestown for about five hours Monday as part of a community service project. Pictured, front to back, are Caleb Day, 18, Andrew Craig, 15, Jacinda Neustel, 11, and Brianna Maynair, 10. Not pictured is Jonathan Berntson, 18.

The Business of Being Born...

A documentary I recommend. Watched it last friday at craft night. I didn't get much crafting done as soon as this was on.

Almost famous...

I say almost famous cause no one knew it was us. This was in the paper yesterday. My neighbor and I were walking to our local grocery store together. Actually it was a really nice conversation we were having... so I'm glad someone captured that moment unknowingly for us.
So the closing date came and went. It has now been extended till Jan 23rd... next Friday. They did give us the ok to start cleaning the place up and if we wanted to move stuff in we can. We chose to just go down and clean stuff up for now... we'll see how that changes later. So I did take some more pictures and posted them on my picasa web albums. So go there and check out the new pictures. They really just show you how much work is ahead. :)

Parenting Families

WE or ME? - forming Character in Children
By David J. Ludwig

Which of the following two children would you rather have living at your house?

A child who is:


A child who is:
Concerned for others
Willing to share

The answer is obvious. At least I would have no problem selecting the second list very quickly! The first list represents a "ME-oriented" child. Such a child is a product of a "ME-culture"- the model we often see in the media and our society. In a "ME-culture" children are raised to believe that happiness is based on fulfilling their own needs. This encourages children to look out for self and come out the winner. The "ME-culture" also sees building self-esteem in children as more important than discipline.

The second list represents a "WE-oriented" child. Such a child is a product of a "WE-culture." In a "We-culture" it is more important to "think WE" than to "think ME." In other words, each member of the family looks out for the good of the whole family. Sometimes that means putting the family's needs above the individual needs! Children raised in a "WE-culture" believe that happiness comes from seeing themselves as an important pieced of a puzzle - interrelated and connected to others. A healthy self-esteem flows not out of personal achievement but from being part of a loving, caring family.

The Keys to a Family "WE-Culture"

* Mom and Dad love and care for each other (if this is a two-parent household). When husbands and wives relate to each other with mutual love and respect, they are modeling the "WE-culture." The "WE" attitude shows itself in simple actions, such as Dad bringing Mom a cup of tea while she relaxes after dinner, or taking time to talk together and catch up on each other's day.

If you are a one-parent household, establish the "WE-culture" by showing you are comfortable as a single parent. This doesn't mean you experience no parenting challenges, but rather that you demonstrate confidence in your role as the parent. You can also draw close friends or extended family members into your activities to model a "WE-culture."

* Parents demonstrate genuine concern for the welfare of the children. This means setting healthy boundaries and making tough decisions about what you will and will not allow in your home - for the good of the family. It is important that Mom and Dad form a united front, so that children will not play one parent off the other. When Mom and Dad are a "WE," the children know it and feel secure.

* Children demonstrate respect for the parent(s). They may not always agree with Mom or Dad, but they know disrespectful behavior is not an option. In a "We-culture" children are willing to listen and to learn.

* The family unit is highly valued. "WE" is more important than "ME." Children have input in family decisions, and thus are included as part of the "WE." For example, the family decides together where they will go on vacation, taking into consideration the preferences of everyone and choosing the vacation that will be best for the family as a whole.

Faith and the "WE-Culture"

Does it sound too good to be true? Can "WE-culture" families really exist amid the brokenness of a "ME-culture?" The good news is that this is the very brokenness God has addressed through Jesus. With God's help, we can be intentional about nurturing the "WE-culture" in our homes. For example, we can pray together about daily events and family concerns. When siblings are unkind and hurt each other's feelings, forgiveness can help restore the "WE" between brother and sister.

Making School Part of the "WE-Culture"

School can be part of your family's "WE-culture" when you establish a partnership between home and school. Consider these suggestions:
  • Meet with your children's teachers and ask, "How can 'WE' work together?" Ask teachers to contact you for help with problems that arise. If children complain about a teacher, pick up the phone and call the teacher in the children's presence, so they can see the "WE" in action!
  • Invite your children to talk over school situations at home. Listen and work together to solve problems creatively.
  • Teach your children how to "think WE" in school situations, to consider the welfare of their classmates individually and the class as a whole.

    Helping the "WE-Culture" Grow

    The keys given here can help you cultivate a "WE-culture" in your home, a culture in which children can thrive. God is eager to help you raise children of character. Faith in Jesus Christ encourages us to love one another just as God graciously loves us. The "WE" is God's gift to families, just as God brings us into His family through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Visit www.parentingfamilies.com for more parenting resources!
    © 2008 Lutheran Hour Ministries

    Food for thought...

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

    So another year. I'm looking forward to the new year... but right now I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm living in transition right now... half the apartment is packed. Our bus is full of stuff from my parents. We don't know for sure when we close... just a tenative date. So many plans, ideas, lists running through my head. It's so hard to take a day at a time. I find the Christmas card I made up ( and have not sent to anyone yet ;) ) fitting and comforting... Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. It's a part of a prayer that Jesus prayed and used to teach his disciples how to pray. Deep down, this is my prayer... that God come and be present in my life... and that in and through my life, his will is done and made known. So much of this past year has been walking by faith- from buying a bus, to Dallas's campaign, to looking for a new place to live... there have been so many uncertainties... but in the end... as long as God is having his way I'm going to be ok. I can rest in him and his forgiveness and presence- knowing that he knows how this is all going to go, and that his will is far better than mine. Going with His flow. So there. That's where I am right now. To end on positive note (and for a bit of therapy for myself)- a list of the highlights and thanksgivings for the past year.
    • Canada Trip-Drew's Wedding and Boots!!
    • Northwood- we took 6 youth up to Northwood, ND to help reshingle an elderly woman's house and some painting on the side. I love those trips with Dallas and the youth. The growth I saw in them, and the skills shown, and the teachable opportunities.
    • Bumblebee... even though it was tiring converting the bus, it was rewarding to use it all the times we have now. A trip to Mexico, Shepherd's Hill, youth group outings, helping friends move, to the lakes, camping trips...
    • Summer at the Lakes with family- hanging out with my nieces and nephews at the lake- simple things like throwing rocks into the lake, making sand castles, keeping the peace.
    • Our raft and the hours of refreshement and fun it provided.
    • Summer church campout at Pipestem... can't wait for next summer!
    • My sewing machine, the internet craft sites, fun projects, thrift store fabric finds, people to make gifts for, and my crafty friends. More so for that gift of crafting... It has been a bonding experience with many friends here in Jamestown... a reason to get together, take some time out and do something fun!
    • Friendships that are blossoming, family ties that are strengthening
    • Even though the apartment stinks and is loud, I'm thankful for a warm place to sleep, light at night, parking for the 4 vehicles we have and how this apartment really has been a perfect of a fit for us, and the neighbors that have been nieghborly.
    • a chance to go to China, and chances to share that trip with others
    • Just recently- Christmas with our families... highlights: Finally being able to give my gifts that I made for them! It was so funto see reactions! Sledding- laughing and giggling all the way down the hill, building snowforts and tunnels at the Rosins.
    • Jim Found Workshop
    • My wonderful husband... who is patient, kind, forgiving, loving, creative, and a little crazy. I love him so much. :)

    There are more... and I'll keep adding them as I think of them.

    Here are the gifts I gave to my family:
    My brother got a quilt from me. But silly me, I never took a final picture!
    From Projects

    My mom got reusable grocery bags. One for heavy stuff/cold items and 6 for regular groceries.
    From Projects
    From Projects

    My sister and brother got these:
    From Projects

    And multiple family and friends got a plastic bag holder:
    From Projects

    To find some of these patterns I have them linked on my side bar. I definitely didn't get as many gifts made as I would have liked, but alas, there is next year. :)

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